Sunday, January 29, 2012

Building foundation versus building castles; Growing strong roots versus growing new offshoots.

When the MBA student is in the final phase of education (or for that matter, ANY student), there is dilemma: 
  • Focus on getting your foundation right OR
  • Focus on building castles in the air - future plans / dreams / ambitions / plans.
Both are important! It is important to dream about your future. But it is also important to have strong fundamentals. You must have noticed that I have begun to use the word "fundamentals" quite a bit lately ;) That's because business fundamentals are extremely important. People tend to look for magical solutions to cure all problems. However, all the solutions lie in the fundamentals!
So here I am, struggling between getting my present right versus getting my future right! Hopefully, it shall all be ok. 

As goes the famous saying - something like: 
"Make sure that you face in the right direction and keep going - you will eventually get there".

- Gerry Som.

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