Friday, January 13, 2012

Courses that I am taking this term - Winter 2012 (Jan to April 2012)

I now have 4 courses in total for W2012, namely:
  • MT8808 - Consulting Skills
  • MB8105 - World Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • MB8509 - Healthcare Policy & Management
  • Finance related course

The only courses that remain (and which I shall do in Spring / Summer term 2012) are:
  • MB8104 - Accounting & Finance for Today's Managers. (which I shall do from another University - another business school like DGSB, McMaster or Schulich, York U)
  • Major Research Paper + Internship.
After that, I should be done with the MBA! I shall try and make the August 2012 deadline so that I can have my graduation ceremony in October 2012 :)))

And finally, I shall be able to call myself a Master's Degree holder and an MBA !!!

- Gerry.

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