Friday, January 13, 2012

Discovered Elance today ! What a wonderful discovery :)))

All of us like to believe that we are smart and well informed people, who know most of the things that there is to know about our field. WRONG !

I discovered a website called Elance today - and I had NOT heard about it before. While this could be a MARKETING FAILURE on behalf of Elance, this also could mean that I had not done enough research. Now I know why Marketing is so important !!!

So basically, Elance is this portal where people can post jobs as well as look for jobs contracts online. The difference between Elance and Workopolis or Monster is that Elance acts as an escrow (mediator) for jobs to get done. There is tracking of the progress of the job as well as payment handling for both parties.

For me, the benefit is to know that Consulting jobs are both posted as well as found on this site. And that is important since I am totally into this line now :)

Here is another video about Elance:

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