Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dress codes in some OTHER business schools, which insist on formal wear. .

Some schools have strict dress codes for MBA, but where I study, there are no such rigid rules. Just to give you a better idea, I got some info from other Business Schools regarding MBA dress codes. These pictures below enlarge when you click them. Enjoy ! :)

Dress code info from another nearby Business School in Canada is as below:

Policy: Business Casual Dress EnvironmentThe _________ School of Business MBA Program supports a business casual environment. A business casual environment serves to enhance the image, differentiation and reputation of _________  while allowing students to dress comfortable and affordably. To assist in defining the term business casual, the following guidelines have been developed by the MBA Association based on feedback from the student body.

Business CasualIn general, business casual is crisp, neat, and should project a professional, business-like image. The purpose of this policy is to establish and recognize reasonable guidelines for dress at school, and to provide examples of appropriate and inappropriate attire.

ResponsibilityThis policy applies to all full-time and coop MBA students. It is the responsibility of the student to represent himself or herself in an appropriate and professional manner that reflects the business casual dress environment.

TopsCasual collared shirts, polo shirts, buttoned shirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks are appropriate for men and women. Plain t-shirts or camisoles together with cardigans are appropriate for women. Many tops can easily be dressed up with blazers, cardigans or sport jackets. It is inappropriate to wear tank tops, midriff tops, sweatshirts, muscle shirts or tops that are excessively tight or revealing. Clothing with potentially offensive words, large logos, cartoons and slogans should be avoided.

PantsDress pants, capris, cotton pants, corduroys and khakis are acceptable in a business casual environment. Sweatpants, cargo pants, pajama pants and similar items are inappropriate. Baggy, ripped or torn jeans are inappropriate, whereas clean-cut and tailored jeans can be paired with dressy shoes and a shirt to create a “light” business casual look. During the summer term, shorts can similarly be paired with complementary clothing items to create a business casual feel. Beach and athletic shorts are not to be worn.

Dresses and SkirtsCasual dresses, skirts, and split skirts are appropriate and should be no shorter than four inches above the knee. Short, tight skirts that do not reach the mid-thigh length are inappropriate.

FootwearLoafers, dress shoes, boots, flats, dress sandals, open-toed shoes, and closed-toed shoes are appropriate. Avoid such items as athletic shoes, slippers, sneakers, flip-flops and similar styled items.

HatsHats are not appropriate in the business casual environment unless they are required for religious or cultural purposes.

Religious and Health AccommodationShould a bona fide religious practice/belief or legitimate health need of a student conflict with the dress code policy, reasonable accommodation will be made to allow for approved clothing to be worn.

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