Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hats off to Bloggers !!! Why content is KING! and Why content generation / creation is important !!!

I am a blogger. I blog as a hobby, as a release, as a good deed - coz I am adding content to cyber space, the world wide web. I am hoping that this is useful content. Why is it important to create content?

Imagine this:
  • Imagine you are hungry and searched for Pizza near your location and nothing showed up
  • Imagine that you are bored and searched for comedy on YouTube and nothing showed up
  • Imagine you are doing research on a topic and Googled it, but nothing showed up?
THAT is why content is important. Now, someone has to CREATE content so that some one else can find it and use it, eh? Anyone can be a consumer. But not everyone can be a producer. I am a STRONG believer of free and open communication. If people do not communicate, that is a wastage of resources. If only there was a way to put all useful knowledge out there into cyberspace for easy access to the world. This is exactly why I LOVE what Google is doing. Adding content to the web as much as it helps find us. (Poor content = Poor search engine results; Simple as that. Google knows this too! That is why Google likes to help create and add content to the web!). So, back to what I was saying. I wish everyone who is an expert at something found a way to add to the collective knowledge of the world.

I have chosen to play the role of content generator to the best of my ability :) So that some one else can find it and benefit from it :)

- Gerry Som

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