Friday, January 13, 2012

HBR article: "The dawn of the Elance economy"

This article is available for download from the link below. Supposedly, this article was responsible for inspiring the company e-lance. Enjoy !

Some random points: (will update later)
  • By changing the way work is done, electronic networks may lead to a new kind of  economy centered on the individual.
  • While big companies control ever larger flows of cash, they are exerting less and less control over actual business activity.
  • The dominant business organization of the future may not be a permanent corporation
    but rather an elastic network.
  • Individual workers will circulate through the e-lance economy as independent agents, joining together into temporary companies as opportunities arise.
  • In the e-lance economy, the role of the traditional business manager changes dramatically and sometimes disappears completely.
  • One of the primary roles for large companies may be to establish the rules, standards, and cultures for network organizations.
  • An e-lance economy might lead to a flowering of individual wealth or to disruption and dislocation.