Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#Priorities: I am getting closer to my professional goals, but I missed the Case Competitions & the MBA games :(

It is all about priorities... How do you manage your time, money, energy, resources & focus? What are the returns of doing this versus that? It is not easy. It is Economics: Efficient Management of Scant Resources to maximize the utility! You have to pick & choose. And not get distracted.
  • There are only 24 hours in a day
  • There is only so much you can do
  • There is only so much money you have
  • There are only so many parties you can attend and beers you can have
  • There is only so much networking you can do
  • There is only so much time you can spend away from your books

For me, it sucks to have missed the MBA games and the Case Competitions. (There are selections and I had not attended because of personal circumstances). But I am glad that I spent some quality time reading up on MBA related topics. One can not have everything :) You have to prioritize :) I have been putting my energy into other things - developing my Consulting business, for example.

My class mates did a great job representing the B-School and I am happy for them.

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