Sunday, January 8, 2012

(IIT + IIM) COMBO is very common in India. And these are the best of the best brains of India.

In India, it is very common for brilliant students to start off education by pursuing B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) in the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and after that, going to IIM (Indian Institute of Management) for further studies - an MBA.

They then go on to receive lucrative job offers and work for Multi national Corporations, either in India or abroad. A lot of them start their own businesses after a while.

Just wanted to put it put there. (IIT & IIM) this set is quite common in India and if you DO find such a person, rest assured, this person is BRILLIANT !

Indians, in general (at least the older generation), seemed to have different social skills compared to the West. However, the new generation is quite different and has a more global mindset.

- Gerry Som.

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