Friday, January 20, 2012

My short term academic goal: MBA + CAPM + CPIM. Next: PMP + CMC. Next: ??? :))) Ultimate objective ---> Management Consulting.

My immediate goal ---> complete MBA (Enough, already! Just want to get this over with :)

Short term goals:
  • Get CAPM certification ASAP
  • Get CPIM certification
  • Learn French
  • Learn about Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, TPS, BPR
  • Show my prowess in the world of Management Consulting. Perform well on some projects.
Next goals:
  • Get PMP certification
  • Get CMC certification
After that:
  • Continue to do well in the field of consulting
  • Pick up additional certifications?
  • I am not sure about CMA, though I would love to have one under my belt :)
I have decided that I shall spend the next year or 2 pursuing certifications as much as possible. This shall be a priority over working for myself or for some other company. There is the story of the bucket and the pipeline. I am going to build a pipeline and NOT be a bucket carrier :)

The ultimate objective of all this training is to become an excellent Management Consultant and offer exceptional value to my clients.

- Gerry.

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