Sunday, January 15, 2012

New MBA term, new minor additions to my wardrobe.

So, the new term has begun. Winter 2012 ! January to April 2012. This term shall FLY QUICKLY !!! The reason being that February month shall have not only 1 week of integrative week, but also 1 week of Study Break (in the 3rd week of February) - an early Spring break, if you like to call it! I prefer to study then, but a lot of people I know are going on a tour somewhere.

Just 1 more term to spend with classmates in class. Additionally, we are now closer to our internship term. This means that we shall be getting jobs by May if we choose to do internship / job. (I shall talk about that topic - of jobs later - this post is about clothes :) I am not so much into fancy clothes, though I like to dress conservatively and as much formally as possible.

So I recently got myself a formal sweater and formal shoes. Yes, I did have some money left over after buying the text books, LOL :) Nothing fancy or expensive. Just something more business like, if there are interviews or info sessions held. Actually, we do have some info sessions with Deloitte soon.

After a discount: Canadian $ 70 + tax

So far I did not have actual winter boots. I just wore some shoes made by Columbia which were slip resistant and were fine in the snow. They served me well for more than 3 years. 2 days back, I got myself an "ALDO Thinsulate" pair of black leather shoes as in the picture. This is the first time that I bought tall leather shoes.

I wanted to buy Blundstone shoes, but they are a bit more expensive :) My next shoes shall be a pair of the legendary Australian shoes. For now, while I am a student, I do not want to blow my money, at least, till I am on a MBA related job :) So I settled for the ALDO shoes as above. They are supposed to be resistant to the cold weather. There is a lot of insulation padding inside by the company "Thinsulate". They should get me through this winter and 1 or 2 more :)

Got a black round neck sweater from Chaps for less than 30 bucks, since there is a 30% sale going on at Sears. Sweater looks somewhat like this:

The type I got: Black sweater with a round neck

Though I had wanted to buy something link this below (blue sweater with a V neck), but could not find the right kind in Sears. The ones there were very thin and that would allow the white shirt to be seen from outside.  

The type I was looking for: Navy Blue sweater with a "V" neck.

And finally, a pair of Khaki cargo pants. I LOVE cotton cargo pants. They are so comfortable. Plus they have so many pockets for the things you carry. A pocket to keep your cell phone, one for your receipts, one for your chewing gum, one for this and that. Again, I got the Chaps brand for less than $30 (after a 30% discount). And it looks somewhat like this (though it is not the same):

Khaki Cargo pants

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