Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shit ____ say series ! ----> Helping you increase your CQ (Cultural Quotient!) #Watch-the-Shit_-Say-Series

The internet series of Shit ____ say has spawned a whole lot of videos on YouTube. It just allows for exposure of creativity in people. The stand up comics must be shit scared now! There is so much Talent out there! This is crowd sourcing at its best. Screw SOPA. People need to have the freedom to create content. Corporations depend on people for their profits. People need to be given the freedom to use the available resources. Of course, I am against copy right infringement. But the rules of SOPA need to be fine tuned to make them seem less vicious.

I watched a TON of these videos. You know why? These are NOT silly comedy clips. These are LEARNING materials to increase your CQ ---> Cultural Quotient.

What I love about YouTube is that EVERYONE gets to have a chance to have his / her 15 minutes of fame. Go YouTube! Love ya :)

- Gerry Som

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