Monday, January 23, 2012

What is DATA MINING? -----> Video about "Introduction to Data Mining" by Thesys-Group. (Very Important for MBA students).

Location: Budapest, Hungary.

A Hungarian and Singaporean owned group of companies established in its current form in 2006. The group (constituted by five companies) specializes in data collection, data mining and analysis, simulation, GEO information analysis as well as IT developments. The close cooperation between these business areas has created a new business philosophy, which makes the company unique in the analytics market.

The company provides smart solutions to deal with complex data. Over the last five years they have been developing sophisticated methods, software and services addressing the specific needs of the pharmaceutical, banking and telecommunication sectors acquiring a deep understanding of the nature of these businesses.

The goal of the company is to convert expansive data sources to an easily digestible form while giving the clients the opportunity to customize both the methods and the output to their specific needs at the same time.

Specialties: Data Mining, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Stochastic Simulation

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