Sunday, January 15, 2012 : TiE Institute: Entrepreneurs educating Entrepreneurs !

TiE = The indus Entrepreneurs. Somwhere I read it wrongly mentioned as " Talent, Ideas & Enterprise".

“Entrepreneurs are the engine of our economic development. Inspiring youth to become entrepreneurs in Canada is a very high priority. This is a great time to become an entrepreneur and a great time to educate others to become entrepreneurs,” says Suresh Madan, President of TiE Toronto.

Starting on September 15th, the TiE Institute will offer 3-hour long educational workshops in Toronto including: an Entrepreneurship Overview (i.e. what makes an entrepreneur), Idea Generation, Business Plan Development, and Idea Commercialization.

Anyone can take the courses. However, the TiE Institute is gearing the program towards two demographics in particular – youth and immigrants. “Youth bring tremendous energy and many new ideas but need a lot of guidance to become successful entrepreneurs. We want to fulfill that gap. Secondly, immigrants are generally very qualified and have an almost 18 times higher propensity to start their own venture. Therefore, this is an important demographic segment that we want to address,” says Madan.

The main goal of the program is to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn about starting a business from experienced entrepreneurs. The TiE motto is 'Entrepreneurs Educating Entrepreneurs'. The Institute intends to provide real-world training that’s often missing from Business Schools (that teach MBA / BBA etc).

All students who participate in the program will receive 1-on-1 mentoring from successful entrepreneurs. TiE Toronto will match students up with successful business owners in similar industries. Students also get to participate in opportunities to present their projects to venture capitalists. This will help to improve their entrepreneurial success by refining their skills and ideas.

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