Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Corporate Psychologist ----> What does this term mean?

Heard a new term in my Management Consulting MBA class yesterday ---> Corporate Psychologist.

After online search, I found out that there are MANY MORE terms like these:
  • Work Psychologist
  • Occupational Psychologist
  • Business Psychologist
  • Industrial Psychologist
  • Organizational Psychologists
  • Business NLP Practitioners
  • And so on
Some useful links:
What could the possible job responsibilities of such Corporate Psychologists? Here are a few:
  • Recommendation ---> of psychological tools for recruitment. Enhanced quality of selection and staff development.
  • Validation ---> Make sure that tools used are appropriate for organisation.
  • Workshops depending on business requirement and challenges.
  • Support duties ---> Help staff and managers facing challenges of continuous expansion, growth and business.
  • Change Management Implementation duties ---> workshops to cope with change, and in exceptional instances providing outplacement support to redundant staff and laid off people after redundancy, in order to minimize resistance to change.
  • Team building ---> Facilitate team sessions to support the forming of new teams or the growth and development of intact teams.
  • Profiling ---> Detailed leadership profiling to support promotion, development and high potential assessment.
  • Assessment ---> Design and conduct assessment and development centres.
  • Competitive Analysis ---> Research and benchmark international best practices.

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