Friday, February 3, 2012

Examples of Skills & Abilities in a Resume

From the link:

Here is how you can write something about your Skills and Abilities

  • Communications -- Good written and verbal presentation skills. Use proper grammar and have a good speaking voice.

  • Interpersonal Skills -- Able to get along well with co-workers and accept supervision. Received positive evaluations from previous supervisors.

  • Flexible -- Willing to try new things and am interested in improving efficiency on assigned tasks.

  • Attention to Detail -- Concerned with quality. Produce work that is orderly and attractive. Ensure tasks are completed correctly and on time.

  • Hard-working -- Throughout high school, worked long hours in strenuous activities while attending school full-time. Often managed as many as 65 hours a week in school and other structured activities while maintaining above-average grades.

  • Customer Service -- Routinely handled as many as 500 customer contacts a day (10,000 per month) in a busy retail outlet. Averaged lower than a .001 percent complaint rate and was given the "Employee of the Month" award in second month of employment. Received two merit increases.

  • Cash Sales -- Handled more than $2,000 a day ($40,000 a month) in cash sales. Balanced register and prepared daily sales summary and deposits.

  • Reliable -- Excellent attendance record; trusted to deliver daily cash deposits totaling more than $40,000 a month.