Thursday, February 23, 2012

MBA grooming and image makeover to suit Management & Leadership roles.

Its the final stage of my MBA with potential transition into new roles. Need to attempt to do some image makeover :) Pedicure (I do not go to spas / salons. Need to start). Hair removal (Some of us Indians do have a lot of body hair, LOL). Etiquette lessons. Get rid of all the clutter at home. More formal clothing and more dress shoes.

Another nice video clip about image makeover:

Behavioural adjustments:
No more being silly, goofy, spontaneous, being oneself / expressing oneself. (No more trying to be a "funny dude" on Facebook). No giggling in public. No more displaying weaknesses. No more controversial topics. Portraying a neutral outlook and confident persona. Poker face or half smile with a gentle nod of the head. Be nice and pleasant to all, no matter what the mood. Studying the other party / company culture and positioning yourself likewise.

That much for a start. Hope the improvements shall be real with time and not faking it :) Society has expectations of us MBAs. I guess we need to live up to the expectations... Need to build an image of a leader and manager.

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