Friday, February 3, 2012

Start Me Up Ryerson Training Tracks lecture series is wonderful. Wednesdays, 6 PM to 9 PM. TRSM 1st Floor. Ryerson University. This month (Feb 2012) only.

Ryerson University's TRSM has ---> "Start Me Up Ryerson", a unit to help budding Entrepreneurs. They have been holding free lectures these days from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM every wednesday at 1st Floor of TRSM at TRS1-067.

I attented one lecture this past week and it was 3 hours very welll spent. Professor Steve Gedeon is a very knowledgeable professor and has a great wealth of information.

After hearing his lecture, I realised that it is important to ASSOCIATE WITH SMART PEOPLE ALL THE TIME, especially people who are MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU. It shall make you a better person.

The best part was that most of what Prof. Steve talked about was original content and not copied content or reproduced / regurgitated content from some book that we have all read. It was new concepts all the way. I appreciate Prof. Steve Gedeon for taking the time to teach others and for being selfless enough to share his deepest secrets about Entrepreneurship to others!

Here is more about Prof. Steve Gedeon:

Here is a video by the amazing Prof. Steve


Details of the Lecture that was held are below and is from the link:

Training Track 7: Success Skills for Starting a New Company

Speaker: Professor Steven Gedeon

Speaker Bio: 1st Place winner of the 3E-Learning Award for his Investment Negotiation Workshop, Dr. Steven Gedeon is an inspiring motivational enthusiast currently teaching at Ryerson University as a professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

- Gerry Som.

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