Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MBA is not just about passing courses. It is about gaining knowledge and skills to become a good Manager, Administrator and Businessman / Businesswoman. I'm trying to study the tougher subjects these days :)))

So what's up, this week?

I am trying to master Finance these days and brush up on Accounting. Need to get a solid understanding of this subject. For a person with a non commerce background, I must confess that Accounting and Finance were a bit tougher than the rest of the subjects. Need to go through the grind and spend time solving problems and exercises.

I am a guy who loves Qualitative Analysis. I was very good with Maths until my 12th grade. After 12th grade, I entered the life sciences / Medical field and have not been in touch with Mathematics. I am a Medical Doctor who is used to dealing with blood, urine, faeces, skin, soft tissue, bones, ligaments, vomitus, pus, organs and so on. Not really used to spread sheets, financial calculator, and balance sheets, LOL. I did learn during my foundation courses, but I do need to become a master at all these before I complete my MBA.

When I complete my MBA and when I am on stage receiving that MBA degree wearing a graduation gown and hat, I want to feel like I am a genius and can do magic. I want to feel like I can solve ALL the business problems of this world. I want to feel honest and true to myself that I do INDEED deserve my MBA degree. So far, I have worked hard and studied my books sincerely. I have done my best not to miss any class and have paid attention to each minute in the classes that I have attended.

It is true that it is not possible to know everything about everything. C'mon, we are just human beings. But it helps to know the fundamentals very well. I have promised myself that when the time comes in October 2012 to receive my MBA degree, I should be satisfied that I know my basics well, that I have learnt all that there is meant to be learnt and that I am a good MBA! This is a promise that each MBA must make to himself. And this is only fair.

The MBA is not just about passing courses. It is about gaining the knowhow to run businesses and know management / administration well.

I hope to use this week to strengthen my knowledge of Quantitative Analysis / Number crunching. While I am at it, need to work on Statistics and Excel skills.

Seeking the blessings of the Gods of Maths, Numbers and Quants today!!! :)))

The next few blog posts of mine are all going to be about Finance. If they seem like Gibberish, please do excuse me, LOL. Need to psyche myself up to get undeneath the skin of Finance and really go deep!

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