Monday, March 5, 2012

5 weeks left to complete this term ---> Winter 2012 term. Hope Spring 2012 brings freshness and hope for the MBA students of our batch!

There are 5 weeks left to complete this term. It is not too bad at the moment, for me. Just a bunch of assignments left. Need to go through the grind. Have a bunch of presentations remaining, as well. Need to go through the motions - there, as well. Easy does it.

After 5 weeks, we shall have 3 to 4 weeks time off. Until early to mid May. By which time, I should have landed a decent internship. Most of this batch shall complete the academics this term. I shall have just 1 more course left after April 2012. And then, I shall be done with this MBA.

And then, it shall be adios graduate student life, hello job life / hello career-rat-race all over again! But hopefully, armed with an MBA, this new career shall be a step above my previous one.

Spring shall be here soon. And Spring shall bring new beginnings to the lives of this batch of MBA students :)


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