Saturday, March 17, 2012

"The 50th Law" - Book by 50 Cent (rapper) & Robert Greene. (Ten Strategies For Fearlessness)

From the link:

The central theme of the book is fearlessness. The back cover says nihil timendum est, meaning nothing is frightening. Each of the 10 chapters in the book explains a factor of fearlessness and begins by telling how Fifty learned this Fearless Philosophy in Southside Queens.

According to Greene, 50 Cent is an example of what Machiavelli called a New Prince, a leader who emerges in a time of chaos or turmoil and rewrites the rules.

According to 50 Cent, Greene's books describe the laws and strategies used by hustlers on the street, even if they might not know the "technical terms" for what they were doing.

Ten Strategies For Fearlessness:
  1. See Things For What They Are (Intense Realism)
  2. Make Everything Your Own (Self-Reliance)
  3. Turn Shit Into Sugar (Opportunism)
  4. Keep Moving (Calculated Momentum)
  5. Know When To Be Bad (Aggression)
  6. Lead From The Front (Authority)
  7. Know Your Environment From The Inside Out (Connection)
  8. Respect The Process (Mastery)
  9. Push Beyond Your Limits (Self-Belief)
  10. Confront Your Mortality (The Sublime)

Interview by the authors (50 Cent & Robert Greene) with CNBC about the book:

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