Friday, March 30, 2012

About making decisions regarding career choices. MBAs have a tough time with this, since they have diverse UG fields from the past, and now a new Business field.

I have been asking a few people for career advise recently. And I did ask them regarding the final choice of career. How does a student choose his exact career path. This is particularly true for Final year MBAs with no specialization - for those doing a General MBA.

While it is tempting to wait for the dream job, even if it means having to reject the other jobs on the way, the current economic situation perhaps tells us to grab whatever offers are available, without the need to think too much. Just go for the first available offer with a decent package, LOL. So the question is:
  • Should one wait a little longer, but get the perfect job? or
  • Should one just grab whatever opportunity comes your way?.
When I asked this question to a Prof., he said that only I can make that decision. It is a personal decision. One has to weigh the pros and cons and come to conslusion about what are the personal priorities. Once priorities are established, you have to follow upon them.

With regards to choosing a particular field to work, it has to be something that one enjoys doing - on a daily basis. One can not have enthusiasm in the beginning and then, jump ship midway.

However, once a choice has been made and you have to do your best to network well enough to know who are the movers and shakers in this field. Try and make the connections at the senior level.

For MBAs, it is also important not to stray away too far from the undergraduate degree. Since we already have deep knowledge and core competency in a particular field already, it is good to utilize that as an advantage, rather than let go of it.

Of course, one may use the logic - "If others can do it, I can do it!" If others can master Finance, I can master Finance as well, even if one does not have a Finance background. But the issue here is that there are people who have been doing this for years. Competing against them is not easy. The world is full of job applicants with multiple qualifications and certifications and no job, or not happy with the job and are looking.

So, it is important to tailor your own way to success, create your own recipe - that consists of - what you shall enjoy, your personal priorities and what you expect out of the career path you choose. This might seem vague, but to complete the discussion in one sentence:

Yes, it is a tough choice to make (future career path). But it is a personal choice that the individual has to make. It better be a wise choice!

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