Thursday, March 1, 2012

Association of Chinese Canadian Entreprenuers - 2010 Most Innovative Award winner ---> Idris Mootee of Idea Couture.

Mr. Idris Mootee of Idea Couture has won the Chinese Canadian Entrepreneur's Most Innovative award for being the Most Innovative. In 2008, Idris started this company to make corporations both in Canada and around the world "the best that they can be". They accomplish this by physically moving in to the company to watch day-to-day operations, maufacturing, product marketing and other areas and outlines a game plan to correct the deficiencies. Mootee belives that executives in any organization holds the keys to their own success. He also says that executives need to demonstrate a strong degree of uniqueness or strangeness. Strangeness is defined as "innovation", "diversity", "authenticity", and "originality".

Mootee believes there are eight ways to make innovation happen:
1. Wear different hats
2. Demand more attention to detail
3. Use the lenses of other domains
4. Ask more questions
5. Ask more POWERFUL questions
6. Investigate "different" ways to do things
7. Foster new knowledge
8. Create a visual / verbal journal - "a picture says a thousand words"

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