Monday, March 19, 2012

Accounting & Finance related courses offered by the Chang School of Ryerson University. It is a delicious menu filled with goodies (that you can pick and choose) at very affordable prices. I love the Chang School !

From the link:

Some of the professional courses below are designed to provide students with necessary skills in Accounting, Finance, and Management.

CACC 110 Accounting: Financial Accounting for Accounting Majors
CACC 410 Accounting: Management Accounting for Accounting Majors
CACC 414 Accounting: Intermediate Accounting I
CACC 504 Accounting: Accounting Cases and Concepts I
CACC 514 Accounting: Intermediate Accounting II
CACC 522 Accounting: Taxation for Managers and Financial Planners
CACC 742 Accounting: Canadian Business Taxation I
CACC 842 Accounting: Canadian Business Taxation II
CECN 104 Economics: Introductory Microeconomics
CECN 204 Economics: Introductory Macroeconomics
CECN 506 Economics: Money and Banking
CFIN 300 Finance: Managerial Finance I
CFIN 401 Finance: Managerial Finance II
CFIN 501 Finance: Investment Analysis I
CFIN 502 Finance: Personal Financial Planning
CFIN 512 Finance: Risk Management and Insurance
CFIN 601 Finance: Investment Analysis II
CFIN 612 Finance: Retirement and Estate Planning
CFIN 812 Finance: Advanced Personal Financial Planning
CGMS 200 Global Management: Introduction to Global Management
CITM 102 Information Technology Management: Business Information Systems I
CITM 595 Information Technology Management: Auditing of Information Systems
CITM 696 Information Technology Management: Accounting Information Systems
CLAW 122 Law: Business Law
CLAW 603 Law: Advanced Business Law
CMHR 405 Human Resources: Organizational Behaviour and Interpersonal Skills
CMHR 523 Human Resources: Human Resources Management
CQMS 102 Quantitative Methods: Business Statistics I
CQMS 202 Quantitative Methods: Business Statistics II
CZAC 742 International Accounting Professionals (IAFP): Canadian Business Taxation I
CZAC 842 International Accounting Professionals (IAFP): Canadian Business Taxation II
CZAF 122 International Finance Professionals (IAFP): Business Law
CZAF 522 International Finance Professionals (IAFP): Tax for Financial Planners and Managers

Students may only take one of CACC 522 or CZAF 522.
Students may only take one of CACC 742 or CZAC 742. Those taking CACC 742 may opt to take supplemental course CACC 740.
Students may only take one of CACC 842 or CZAC 842. Those taking CACC 842 may opt to take supplemental course CACC 840.
Students may only take one of CLAW 122, CZAC 122, or CZAF 122. All students are required to take at least one of these three courses.
Students may only take one of CLAW 603 or CZAC 603. Those taking CLAW 603 may opt to take supplemental course CACC 640.

Complementary Courses (select at least two)

These courses are designed to assist students as they prepare for professional practice in a Canadian context

CZAC 110 International Accounting Professionals (IAFP): Career Development for Accounting Professionals
CZAC 200 International Accounting Professionals (IAFP): Prior Learning and Competency Portfolio
CZAF 110 International Finance Professionals (IAFP): Career Development for Financial Professionals
CZAF 200 International Finance Professionals (IAFP): Prior Learning and Competency Portfolio

Students may only take one of CZAC 110 or CZAF 110.
Students may only take one of CZAC 200 or CZAF 200.


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