Friday, March 30, 2012

eCollegeFinder Top MBA Blog Award ---> My Experience.

My name was automatically entered for an online blog competition by eCollegeFinder from the 22nd March 2012 to 30th March, 2012. It felt good to be nominated. It felt good to be in a contest. I had not planned for this. This fell on my lap! What I did to promote my blog and get votes to win the contest:
  • Tweet about the contest to get votes from Twitter.
  • Put blog links on my blog. Since this blog gets a traffic of about 200 per day, some of the traffic converts to votes.
  • I made a YouTube video about the contest.
  • I posted about the contest on Facebook and asked my friends from all over the world to vote for me and ask their families to vote for me as well.
  • I posted on LinkedIn and asked my contacts to vote for me.
  • I asked everyone I met on the streets to vote for me.
  • I asked all my classmates to vote for me in the Business School.
  • I asked everyone in the University to vote for me.
  • I asked all my school mates all over the world to vote for me.And they asked their friends!
  • Some of the people whom I have mentored for MBA voted for me and asked all their friends to vote for me.
  • The power of Social Media is amazing. I have no way of telling the details. I am sure that there is an Analytics software with eCF that can analyze the trends of voting. 
  • But this was good to take part in and promote.
  • Who knows, this may be a start of something. I may run for some public office in the future, if destiny takes me there!
Here, below are some details about the contest held by eCollegeFinder that took place from 22nd March, 2012 to 30th March, 2012. It was 100% online voting.

The Top MBA Blogs Award was created to provide MBA and potential MBA students with a collection of helpful and encouraging blogs from students, graduates, professors, and authorities on earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. The nominees that have been included are those that inspire, teach, and encourage student readers and foster a community for those studying business administration at a higher level.


(1 to 22) Top MBA Blogs Nominees

So what did I learn from other websites listed above? I shall type a summary below, for the benefit of the readers soon.

But the most hilarious paragraph and perhaps one that I can connect with the most is this one below by Nick of What does Nick say, when it comes to the advice the blogger can offer to students aiming to improve their chances of being accepted into an MBA program?? Nick says: "Delete your Facebook account, throw away your TV, and go to study. When you are reading this message your competitor read the textbook. Who will be admitted?"

OMG, when I read this, I laughed so hard! Ha Ha Ha !!! Not only is this hilarious, this is also kinda true :) It is amazing how 2 bloggers from 2 different parts of the world think so similarly! Yup, some of us bloggers are Nerds. But, hey, this is who we are :)

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