Thursday, March 8, 2012

Executive Recruiters / Executive Job Agencies for MBAs or How can MBA students or MBA graduates benefit by using the services of Headhunters?

In this blog post, I shall try to make a list of Executive Job Agencies / Recruiters / Headhunters for MBA students.

Here are some useful links for now:

MBA and executive recruitment

MBA recruitment organisations

Organisations who specialise in MBA recruitment:

– recommended for Europe and UK. Once you have a password, you may post your CV online and search MBA-Exchange's extensive list of job advertisements.

MBA Direct – recommended for Europe and UK.
– UK-based site

– USA focus
MBA International – UK-base. Banking, finance, consulting
Top MBA - main focus on UK and Europe. Most services are for prospective MBA students. But Top MBA do run career forums and sometimes advertise MBA jobs on behalf of clients
The Association of MBAs
Online jobs and career development portal for members of the Association of MBAs.
Career Gardens – mainly careers fairs
– new site run from the UK and USA

– in partnership with Korn Ferry International
MBA Global Net
– mainly a USA focus
MBA Career Conferences
– mainly for USA and Latin America
– designed mainly for non-USA MBA students looking for jobs in the USA
Best of Africa – recruitment and networking site for African MBAs
JAC MBA – for Japanese MBA recruitment
Mindbench - for contract and permanent recruitment to top-level consulting jobs
I shall try to make a summary and notes from these soon!

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