Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to fight the fear of CORPORATE FINANCE subject during the MBA? By attacking it with a sledge hammer!

I must confess, I still have a fear of Corporate Finance subject. Need to learn the subject in more depth. So what am I doing about it? I am hitting the big bad tough hulk monster called Corporate Finance with all I got - attacking it with a Sledge Hammer, LOL. Time is running out and there is so much to learn. So what I am planning to do is OVER-COMPENSATE! What I mean by this is ---> I am having a hard time learning the details. So I am gonna aim at the CFA exam level preparation, so that I at least get the basics and advanced Finance good.

I am using the psychology of:
 "Aim for the moon; Even if you miss, at least, you shall get the stars!"

Here is another way I am inspiring myself:
  • Finance is all about MONEY.
  • And business is all about MONEY.
  • All of us love MONEY.
  • All of us want MONEY 
  • All of us, including all businesses, need MONEY.
  • So, why should we MBAs be scared to learn about MONEY (Corporate FINANCE!)? Ha!
  • We should love Finance now on and not fear it!
  • We should play with and tease the monster Finance now on and befriend it!
I have decided to take EXTRA EXTRA interest in Finance, now on & over compensate. It is a cycle - fear breeds fear and confidence breeds confidence.

It is waaay BETTER to be in the CONFIDENCE loop rather than the FEAR loop !

Makes life much easier.

My strategy to learn Corporate Finance:
  • Text books
  • You Tube videos
  • Websites
  • Lyryx exercises
  • Class notes
  • Practice exercises
  • Constant focus & attention to the subject - dedicating time and energy.  
Wish me luck in quest to master this monster called Finance! Watch out monster, here I come to get ya, LOL!

- Gerry Som.

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