Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Find a Job in a “Jobless Economy” or "The War For Talent in a Jobless Economy"

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Read the full article from the link above. It is interesting. Some points below:

Job seekers may be very surprised to learn that human resources pros and recruiters attend conferences to talk about “the war for talent.” Ironically, when so many people are looking for work, many hiring managers still have a difficult time connecting with the right candidates. They pay consulting firms a lot of money to teach them how their organizations can use Facebook to connect with potential applicants, and they hope Google+ is the next great social network to tap for professional information about new hires.

Smart applicants are taking action now in many innovative ways. They know there are jobs out there. They know how they got where they are today. They got themselves hired and went on to create jobs they need to hire for. They are sharing their advice via career events town by town, family by family, college grad by college grad, to do whatever it takes to find the right talent they need to grow their companies and grow the economy.”

You can still land a job in a stubborn market. The trick is to avoid relying entirely on old-school mechanisms and to embrace new ways to get the word out about what you offer a hiring manager.

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