Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jump start your enthusiasm to learning! or Here is a trick to kick start your studies when you slow down ---> Take a look at these: (Expenses + Opportunity Cost + SOI + Vision) !!!

There are times during the MBA when the student may feel a burn out. He / She may feel that there is a need to get away from it all. To take a breather. To pause.

And yet, at the same time, there are assignments pending and deadlines to be met. At such a time, one trick that can help jumpstart / kick start your drive is to take a look at the following 4 things:

1) The EXPENSES to date - money you have already spent so far on the MBA
2) The total OPPORTUNITY COST - what you gave up / the income you had to forego in order to pursue the MBA
3) The STATEMENT OF INTENT wrote before joining the MBA - what motivated you to join the MBA in the first place.
4) A VISION / image / dream of you with your MBA degree in hand, and the REWARDS that the MBA will bring - more respect, better pay, more credibility and more confidence.

Keeping these in mind shall help you jumpstart your drive. It is like a CPR to a stalled heart, LOL.

Today, I took a quick look at my expenses since I started my MBA and had a small shock! I did not realise that I had spent so much! I have been very frugal during my MBA life and not wasted money unnecessarily. Yet, the sum is high. I guess MBA aspirants should always aim to come up with a much higer sum than is usually considered right. Trust me, you shall MOSTLY, if not always end up spending more than what is projected or predicted! Unless you are a financial genius of some sort.

Plus the money that I did not earn by not being on a full time job (the opportunity cost). I have not been on a full time job paying for my full worth while doing my MBA (I have been doing a part time casual odd job on and off). This makes me want to complete the MBA ASAP and get into the job field. This makes me want to quicky be able to implement my MBA knowledge and get started. I should not go beyond September 2012 at any cost and should try to graduate this October 2012 :)

This also motivates me to work harder at the subjects that I am weaker in and to try and become a good MBA. These are my thoughts for today :)

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