Sunday, March 18, 2012

Relationship Between Money, Power, Politics & People. (Work in progress - incomplete blog)

Just curious about the relationships and the dynamics between Money, Power & Politics. Will try to do some research soon and post some info.

Some immediate thoughts of mine:
  • Leverage of Ideas (with mass Acceptance) ---> Social Power.
  • Leverage of Money ---> Financial Power.
  • Leverage of Social power & Financial power ---> Political power.
  • Leverage of Unity, participation & the strength of numbers ---> People power.
 - Gerry Som.
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This is a sentence that I had heard during an MBA class, quoted by our amazing Professor:
"Power comes from dependence. If you depend on somebody, they hold power over you".

Here are some interesting articles:

Here is an interesting paragraph from a link above:

"Have you ever been in a meeting and said something that almost nobody noticed, yet a few minutes later, someone else said exactly the same thing and everyone in the group paid attention, perhaps even praised the “brilliant” idea she/he had? In thinking about this, you may have thought that the person who repeated your idea had a great deal of leverage (or power) in the group".

This blog is incomplete. I am still working on it. But the idea behind this blog is so exciting, that I am not ashamed to put out a half-baked cake (made of thoughts) for display this instance, LOL.

- Gerry Som.
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