Monday, March 5, 2012

Richest 1% in USA make 93% of gains & remaining 99% make 7% of gains from the recovery after the recent recession ---> Smart Money / Smart Brains / First Mover Advantage at work?

Date:  5th March, 2012

Title: Richest 1% Account For Nearly All Of U.S. Recovery's Gains: Report.


Summary:  Technically, the economy has been in recovery since a few years. But it turns out the rich have been doing most of the recovering. In 2010, the top 1 % of earners took in a full 93 % of all the income gains that year, leaving the other 7 % of gains to be sprinkled among the vast majority of society. Those numbers come courtesy of Emmanuel Saez, the Berkeley economist who co-created a resource known as the World Top Incomes Database.

My quick Interpretation: The rich 1% have the financial knowledge to invest in appreciating assets. Perhaps, they had a diverse portfolio in the first place and did not lose much money. Perhaps they shifted their money during the crash to more secure assets. They probably have have brilliant financial advisers. Perhaps they do vulture investing, buying up stocks, property or businesses when they are under-valued. Perhaps they are smarter with their taxes. Perhaps economies of scale helps in snapping up large investments for even more profitable deals then usual. Perhaps they have inside information at times / or are among the first to get useful information. These are just my speculations.  

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