Friday, March 30, 2012

Scramble is on, for MBA internship placements.

As we final year MBA students near the finish line (we have just 2 weeks of classes left!). My last test is on 12th April, 2012. I have 4 more written assignments remaining + 1 week of classes remaining. After that, I shall be done with a significant chunk of the program and this Winter 2012 term shall end.

A few of my classmates have already secured internships and a few students are in the interviewing / waitlisting stage. Many are still applying. The job market is not the best and jobs / internships are not very easy to comeby. Moreover, a lot of companies make decisions about internships in the last stage.

What are my plans for internship + MRP (Major Research Paper)? For now, I am focusing on completion of the term. I need to get decent grades and complete this term having learnt the fundamentals well. After April 12th, I shall probably focus on starting my own company. I have enquired with the Career Services Department and I guess it is ok to start my own business and show that as internship. I can submit a business plan and a written record to prove work done.

So I personally am not worried about my internship. I will be ok :)

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