Saturday, March 3, 2012

SILICON VALLEY Riches to Rags stories (Millionaire on paper to a Pauper, hit by the recession).

From the link:

It is always heartening to read about people becoming successful by effort, dedication, persistence and genius. It makes all of us aspire to do the same. At the same time, it is devastating (and can even serve as a wake up call) when we hear of people going from the top to the bottom.

Personally, as an immigrant in Canada, I have see the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Right now, I sit somewhere in the middle, LOL. But the highs were gorgeous and heavenly - undescribable feling and the lows were not fun. But that is life and there are lessons to be learnt from every event of life. These situations build character and resilience. They make you a tougher person. As they say, "Gold has to burn in fire to get rid of the impurities - and when gold passes out of the fire, it is an even better version of itself"

When you have the free time, do read the story of the woman in Silicon Valley at the link above - she, who was once a MILLIONAIRE (on paper, at least) lost everything in the recession and came down to the street - hit the ground with a thud.

These are lessons we learn from life. (But on a personal note, one has to constantly be re-inventing oneself. Constantly keep adapting to changing circumstances. As someone said "it is not the strongest or the fittest that survive, but the most adaptable!")

- Gerry Som.

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