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What is CIPM? ---> Certificate In Performance Measurement.

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Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) Program Overview
The CIPM program develops and tests the performance evaluation and presentation expertise of investment professionals.

How Do You Earn a CIPM Certificate?
The two-level CIPM program is based on a self-directed curriculum that allows candidates to study and earn the credential while staying fully employed. To earn the certificate, a candidate must enroll and pass two exams, become a regular member of the CIPM Association, and meet professional experience requirements. There are two exam periods per year, so it is possible to complete the program in one year.

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CIPM Exams
Both the Principles and the Expert exams test the following concepts:
  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal
  • The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)
The Principles level emphasizes the conceptual foundations of performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal as well as the provisions of the GIPS standards. The Expert level emphasizes performance evaluation and presentation, including application of the appropriate tools and inputs in more complex situations and the GIPS Guidance Statements.

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Knowledge Grounded in the Real World
The CIPM program reflects a broad Candidate Body of Knowledge developed and continuously updated by more than 1,000 active practitioners around the world. This process helps ensure that the CIPM curriculum reflects the most relevant trends and current practices in today’s global investment industry.

The Investment Risk and Performance newsletter is a quarterly newsletter that provides practical perspectives on global and regional issues facing the investment performance measurement field. To subscribe to this newsletter, create an account and edit your newsletters and alerts profile.

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