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YPO ---> Young Presidents' Organization (< 45 years age) & WPO ---> World Presidents' Organization (> 45 years age & ex-YPOs).

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The Young Presidents’ Organization is a global network of young chief executives. With approximately 18,000 members in more than 100 countries, YPO and its graduate organization, WPO (World Presidents’ Organization) share a founding mission: Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange.

YPO Membership:
Age: A new member application must be approved by Young Presidents’ Organization International before the applicant reaches their forty-fifth (45th) birthday. Exceptions may be made for new Chapters only.

President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Managing Partner or Publisher, or equivalent of any of the above

Corporation Complexity:
Qualifying Corporation: An applicant must be qualified, in addition to age and title, by rules of corporate complexity established by the YPO Board of Directors. The candidate must meet one requirement from each category below; this means they must meet at least one “A” requirement AND one “B” requirement.

“A” Requirements
Requirement #1
The candidate must have at least 50 regular, full-time employees or the equivalent under their control. Persons engaged on a commission basis rather than straight salary are considered employees if they are permanently connected with the corporation and receive their principal livelihood therefrom. Seasonal employees are not included in YPO’s employee definition.

Requirement #2
The total compensation of all employees, excluding the compensation of the candidate, must exceed US$1,000,000.

“B” Requirements
Requirement #1
The corporation must meet dollar volume requirements based on the type of corporation, as follows:
  • Sales/Services/Manufacturing corporations must have at least US$8,000,000 in gross annual sales or turnover.
  • Financial institutions must have average annual assets of at least US$160,000,000.
  • Agency-type businesses must have annual fees or commissions billed of at least US$6,000,000.

Requirement #2 The corporation must have an enterprise value of US$10,000,000 as defined by one of the following:
  • Net worth of assets before depreciation of US$10,000,000.
  • Independent third-party investment/valuation of US$10,000,000.
  • The sum of the company’s public equity value plus its debt less cash must equal US$10,000,000.
YPO Global Leadership Summit:

WPO (World Presidents’ Organization) is a global organization of more than 4,600 business leaders who are or have been chief executive officers of major companies and who are “graduates” of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization).

World Presidents' Organization Membership:
To qualify for WPO membership, you must have been a member of YPO. You are eligible to join WPO if you graduated from YPO or if you left YPO in good standing and were a member for at least three years .

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