Thursday, April 5, 2012

1 week left to complete the Winter 2012 term!

Just attended the last class of the Winter 2012 term. And just finished participating in the very LAST presentation of my MBA studies. No more presentations as a student, I hope !!! There is just 1 more week left to complete the term. What I have pending now ---> 2 tests and 4 assignments.

This has been a good term. I did learnt a lot. Apart from doing the text book reading, I also did my own research (as posted in this blog) about many topics related to Corporate stories and Business History. Its time to focus on finding an internship position plus complete the MRP (Major Research Paper).

I have enjoyed my MBA education so far. Thought I did feel stressed out at times. Especially towards the end of each term, you feel fatigued. I could use a holiday so bad, LOL. My thought as I sign off for now is that it has all been worth it. All the hard work, lost sleep hours, all the grunt work and the grind has made me a better person and a better professional. Cheers to the MBA life!

- Gerry.

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