Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Tricks Job Interviewers Use - A MUST read !!! (I swear some of them are very familiar, from past experiences, LOL :)

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With more job candidates coming to interviews with prepared and rehearsed answers, savvy interviewers are developing ways of getting beneath the surface so that they can find out what you're really like. Here are 10 tricks interviewers often use that can trip you up if you're not careful:

1. Silence.
2. Extreme friendliness. Good interviewers want you to let your guard down. By putting you at ease, they can get a better sense of who you really are (which is probably good for you) and maybe get you to relax and slip up (not so good for you). You're more likely to reveal something unflattering if you feel comfortable. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't relax, but do realize that this isn't a cozy chat with a friend; it's still an interview.
3. Asking "What do you know about us so far?"
4. Asking why you're thinking about leaving your current job (or why you left your last job).
5. Asking how soon you can start.
6. Asking you to follow up about something.
7. Leaving you with the receptionist. Some candidates will say things to the receptionist that they'd never say to the interviewer—whether it's revealing candid impressions about the job, mentioning that they're hungover from last night, or flirting inappropriately. Smart interviewers will always ask the receptionist or others who came in contact with you for their impressions.
8. If you were laid off, asking if others were laid off with you.
9. Asking you to describe your dream job. If you start talking about your true desire to work in film when you're applying for an accountant job or your hope to manage political campaigns when you're applying to be a teacher, most interviewers will think you're not especially committed to the position for which they're hiring.
10. Asking what questions you have. Do you focus on benefits, pay, and hours, or are you curious about the job itself? Interviewers want to hear thoughtful questions about the work, the culture, and the organization - questions that show that you're really trying to figure out if this is the right fit for you.

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