Saturday, April 14, 2012

Investment Banking - Life as an Analyst.

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Analysts are typically recent undergraduates who work long hours and do a fair bit of grunt work. A good analyst helps his or her boss get their job done and done well. Analysts are not normally expected to contribute in meetings but often can. After the typical two-year analyst program at a major investment bank, many analysts return to school for an MBA before coming back to investment banking. Others choose to try other opportunities. During recruiting out of an MBA program, former analysts will be at a significant advantage over others without experience.

Key analyst skills include:

  • the ability to work with Excel spreadsheets

  • write macros in VBA

  • track and generate weekly newsletters (weeklies)

  • keep schedules

  • generate prospectuses

  • get burgers

  • put in and retrieve pitch books from the copy center

  • and answer client phone calls.

  • Read the full article from the like above for details. Those with MBAs, those who know their Finance course material and those who are specialized in Finance MBA get better treatment and better offers.

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