Saturday, April 7, 2012

RIM uses Sterling Infosystems for Background Check

From the link:

RIM uses Steling Infosystems for background check of candidates. This means, when a candidate applies for a job at RIM, he has to agree to a background check. If the applicant is shortlisted, then, he is subject to sceening before being finalized for a position. This means that candidates better be honest with their applications and not make state wrong statements.

This should also serve as a wake up call for candidates applying to other companies, as well (Not all companies mention on Taleo that they shall proceed with background checks. However, RIM does that. It is a good thing, considering the recent fiasco by some senior RIM officials on an Air Canada flight out of ?Vancouver :)
I hope that RIM has done a background check on Sterling Infosystems before hiring them to do background checks :) Just kidding.

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