Sunday, April 22, 2012

Social dynamics is fun. It is amusing how people interact. And hilarious, how people try to cut off conversations.

This was again, in relation to the recent MBA gala. I am a person who likes discussions and intellectual exchange. I like engaging conversations about topics of relevance and importance - like career and future. I like to know people's thoughts in depth and like to share my own thoughts, as well.

However, it so happens that the persons that I am engaged in conversations with, also has other people who are interested in their time. It is hilarious to see that after just a few minutes of chatting, you have the wing man or wing woman of the other person fly in and try to "rescue" or "hijack" the person, while you are in a engaging conversation, LOL.

All in good fun. I do not mind. This is how we work as humans. A party - especially of people close to each other, like classmates, is like a swarm of bees. Everyone is talking at the same time. Everyone is engaged in conversations at the same time. So much energy and buzz going on... It is good to enjoy these experiences.

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