Friday, April 27, 2012

"Why your MBA classmates don’t like you" or "Why are you unpopular in Business School?"

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(Very interesting topic. Will build on this further soon. Have modified the original article. Please read full article from the link above)

Your MBA classmates are judging you. Beneath the friendliness and professional collegiality, they’re taking notes about you!

The mess on your desk, how loudly you chew, even your word choices. Obviously, serious misconduct such as discrimination and harassment can lead to a job loss. But small irritants can hurt productivity and build walls between classmates. Those little annoyances, like having a really sloppy work area or being a disgusting desk eater, can loom large. To avoid negative judgments from your co-workers, experts advise avoiding the following behaviors.
  • Sucking up to the professors / the boss at work
  • Negativity
  • Poor hygiene and dress sense
  • Messy cubicles
  • Poor etiquette
  • "Not fitting in", into the culture
  • Dissing others
  • Always arguing
  • Insulting others
  • Hurting others feelings (knowingly / unknowingly)
  • Always being late to group meetings
  • Lack of original ideas
  • Plagiarism
  • Stealing ideas from classmates
  • Attention seeking
  • "Me-first" attitude always
  • Aggressiveness
  •  and so on... will complete this blog post soon...

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