Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am thinking of doing a PhD immediately after my MBA this year in USA or Canada! So it shall hopefully (some day) be MBBS ---> MBA ---> PhD!. Plus, I shall pick up half a dozen certifications on the way (CAPM, CMC candidate etc in a couple of years...)

Now that I am nearing the completion of my MBA, I have been thinking about what to do next. I am already in an internship and already have a potential opening for September 2012. Actually, I have more than one opportunities lined up for September 2012, immediately after my Internship. I am excellent at professional networking and that helps a bit, you know.

Ok, back to the PhD topic, the economy is still in a bad shape. Job market is not the best. Even though I do have potential job offers, thanks to my aggressive networking, I know that there is no Big Bucks on the table right now. It makes sense to be in school to get the highest possible education right now. A PhD is a dream come true, since I shall get to teach after that. I love teaching. There shall also be original research involved. I am always full of ideas for research. Research is my kinda thing. A PhD feels just right at this time, for me. Of course, I am still ambitious and am interested in doing extremely well, financially after the MBA. But I have to find out a way of accomplishing that while doing a PhD. Now that I am in the study mode, while in the final stage of MBA, it makes sense to continue the flow and finish a PhD program as soon as possible. Once I lose touch, it shall be difficult to go back to the books. Now is the perfect time!

The other day, I had been to the YSGS (Yeates School of Graduate Studies), Ryerson University, Torotno and happened to pick up a Graduate Admissions brochure purely by accident / chance.

There, I saw that Ryerson University offers a PhD in International Economics and International Finance. I am VERY VERY interested!!! Seems like the answer to my question!

Now, I have a few things that I am trying to figure out:
  • I have already filled in the application form for PhD that starts September 2012 at Ryerson.
  • I need to find out if I have to apply for OSAP funding for a PhD
  • How much stipend I shall be paid monthly?
  • How much can I make while teaching students as a PhD candidate?
  • Are there any scholarships available?
  • What are my options? I plan to live in Toronto area. So my options are: Ryerson University, University of Toronto, York University, McMaster University and Queen's University.
  • My area of interest for PhD is Business Management - specifically International Economics and Finance. (Even though I absolutely love Marketing, I am not interested in a PhD in Marketing).
  • I am also looking at US as an option and am exploring PhD in Detroit, MI or Buffalo, NY (close to Canada :)
  • Is it possible to start a PhD immediately after MBA?
  • What is the fastest that I can complete my PhD? I do know that they vary from 3 to 5 years.
  • This PhD is supposed to be a full time program, but can I also hold a Corporate job while doing my PhD?
  • Of course, I can run a business while doing a PhD. Nobody can stop me from that! I have something in mind and shall start this month.

(I just hope that a PhD ambition shall not end up like the cartoon below. Kidding :) I know I am better than that)


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