Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some info about PhD at McMaster University - You can complete it in as little as 3 years, Full Time. Funding of around $25,000 a year is available + perks (laptop, paid conference travel etc)

Program Timeline & Duration

The time required to complete the program varies widely and is largely dependent upon each student’s personal experience while in the program. In general, students are expected to complete the program within four years with an upper limit of six years. Past DeGroote graduates have completed the degree in as little as three years while others have needed six years.

A typical timeline for students enrolled in the Ph.D. program is as follows:

  • Years 1 & 2: Course Work (students complete between 6 and 12 courses)
  • May/June of Year 2: Comprehensive Exam
  • Year 3: Dissertation Proposal Defence
  • Year 3: & 4: Data Collection and Analysis
  • End of Year 4: Write-up of Dissertation and Oral Defence
  • In order to keep students on a four-year timeline, student performance is assessed on an annual basis. A student whose work is unsatisfactory may at any time be required to withdraw from the University.
Student Funding
Students admitted to the doctoral program are currently guaranteed four years of funding at a minimum of $20,000 per year. Students typically receive their annual guaranteed funding through some combination of scholarships, research assistantships (RAs), and teaching assistantships (TAs). In addition to this guaranteed funding, “top-up” funding can be offered to students upon admission from various sources including additional graduate or research scholarships, research assistantships or sessional lectureships. All faculty members who agree to supervise a Ph.D. student are encouraged, but not mandated, to provide an RA research scholarship of $4-5K per year for four years (this amount is in addition to the $20,000 minimum). The RA research work typically is to be completed during the summer academic term

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