Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to create a job using Disruptive Innovation, rather than find one (or not), the usual way

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Disruptive innovators ask the right questions, observe the world like anthropologists, network for novel ideas, and experiment to make things work. (For a more detailed look at these skills, see The Innovator's DNA).  Applying the skills disruptive innovators use to your job search can help you unearth more, and better, opportunities. Here's how:

  • Start asking the right questions (and stop asking the wrong ones).
  • Start looking at the real job(s) to be done (and stop looking at the job you once did).
  • Start networking to create a job (and stop networking to find a job).
  • Start experimenting with things you've never done (and stop doing what you've always done).
In today's troubled economy, serendipity certainly plays a part in matching people with jobs. But you can get serendipity's strength on your side by engaging these four innovation skills regularly.

(A useful point from comments section: Place a REVERSE advertisement in a newspaper, looking for an employer, rather than an employer looking for you)

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