Friday, June 1, 2012

RIM, why so GRIM? + So many lay offs / shut downs going on in North America...

From the link:

  • RIM to lay off 6000 workers. Ain't good news.
  • Canadian Tire to shut down 120 stores. Ain't good news.
  • GM production center in Oshawa to shut down in 2013 and lay off everyone. Ain't good news.
  • Chance of recession again in North America. Ain't good news.

This ain't good for new MBA graduates at all :(

Immediately after our MBA internships, we, the class of 2012 MBA batch shall graduate. This is not the best market to graduate into. NOT every MBA internship gets converted into job. While some of the classmates have already started a job, instead of internship, there are also students who have not found internships YET.

The bright side is that many of the students have found internships (though not everyone has found internship in the desired field, and not too many have found internships in A-list or Blue-chip companies). In any case, it is good to see that in spite of a tough economy, people are finding internships...

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