Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Steps to Incorporating - 10 steps to create a Corporation

From the link: http://www.newbusinessnow.com/information/incsteps.htm

  1. Select Corporate Jurisdiction
  2. Select Corporate Names
  3. Determine Corporate Name Availability
  4. Complete Articles of Incorporation
  5. Submit & Register Articles of Incorporation
  6. Purchase Corporate Seal & Minute Book
  7. Complete Corporate By-Laws, Organizational Minutes & Issue Shares
  8. Obtain Other Permits & Licenses
  9. Set Up Bank Account
  10. Start Your Business!

(Disclaimer: While this list is intended to describe the basic steps required to create a corporation, readers should be aware that it is not exhaustive, and that certain steps may be performed simultaneously. Highlighted links connect to the Glossary of Terms in a new window.)

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