Thursday, June 21, 2012

Useful Business jargons That Will Help MBAs & Help Non-MBAs Seem Like MBAs :)

From the link:

1. It’s a paradigm shift
2. We’re data-driven
3. We need to wrap our heads around this
4. It’s a win-win
5. ROI [used in any sentence]
6. Let’s blue sky this/let’s ballpark this
7. I’m a bit of a visionary
8. I’m a team player/we only hire team players
9. Let’s circle back to that/Let’s put that in the parking lot/let’s touch base on that later/let’s take this off-line
10. We think outside the box here/color outside the lines
11. I/we/you don’t have the bandwidth
12. This is where the rubber meets the road
13. Net net/the net of it is/when you net it out
14. We’ll go back and sharpen our pencils
15. It’s like the book “Crossing the Chasm”/”Blue Ocean”/”Good To Great” / “Tipping Point” / “Outliers”
16. Let’s right-size it
17. It’s next-gen/turn-key/plug-and-play
18. We need to manage the optics of this
19. This is creative destruction
20. We don’t have enough boots on the ground
21. Deal with it
22. By way of housekeeping
23. That’s the $64,000 question [sometimes, due to inflation, people will denominate this cliche in millions or billions of dollars]
24. Let’s square the circle
25. It’s our cash cow/protect/milk the cash cow
26. It’s about synergies/1 + 1 = 3
27. Who’s going to step up to the plate?
28. We’re eating our own dog food
29. We need to monetize/strategize/analyze/incentivize
30. We did a Five Forces/SWOT analysis/Value Chain analysis
31. It was a perfect storm
32. At the end of the day…
33. Who’s got the ‘R’? [i.e., responsibility to do what we just spent 20 minutes talking about aimlessly]
34. Let’s put lipstick on this pig
35. I’m putting a stake in the ground here…
36. We’re customer-focused/proactive/results-oriented
37. Our visibility into the quarter is a little fuzzy
38. That’s not our core competency/we’re sticking to our knitting
39. Well, we’re facing some headwinds there
40. It’s a one-off
41. Incent it
42. I’m an agent of change
43. We’ve got to do a little more due diligence there
44. Don’t leave money on the table
45. We take a “ready, fire, aim” approach here
46. Hope is not a strategy
47. We have to tear down the silos internally
48. I don’t think it will move the needle
49. Good to put a face to the name
50. Let’s take the 30,000 foot view…
51. It’s the old 80-20 rule
52. We need to manage expectations
53. It’s not actionable enough/what’s the deliverable?
54. My 2 cents is…
55. I’m going to sound like a broken record here…
56. We’ve got too many chiefs and not enough Indians
57. Going forward
58. My people know I’ve got an open door policy
59. It’s gone viral
60. I know you’ve been burning the candle on both ends
61. It’s scalable
62. It’s best-of-breed
63. We’re all about value-add
64. What’s our go-to-market?
65. I’m drinking from a fire hose right now
66. We’re getting some push back
67. We need to do a level-set
68. It’s basic blocking and tackling
69. Let’s put our game faces on
70. We’ve got it covered from soup to nuts
71. We don’t want to get thrown under the bus
72. But to close the loop on this…
73. What are “next steps”?
74. This is low-hanging fruit
75. We need a few quick wins
76. It’s a [Insert Company Name] killer
77. I want to address the elephant in the room
78. This is the next big thing/new thing
79. This time it’s different because…
80. What are the best practices on this?
81. This is our deliverable
82. We’ll loop you in when we need to
83. We want this to move up and to the right
84. We’re going through a re-org
85. We’ve got to increase our mind-share with the customer
86. I don’t think you’re comparing apples to apples
87. Let’s peel back the onion on this
88. You phoned it in
89. I want you to run with this

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