Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ryerson University MBA candidate has launched a Medical Services Business in Toronto

Press Release
June 19, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Gerry Som, a final year full time MBA, candidate 2012, has launched a Medical Services Business. He is the owner, director and CEO. Vikaa Incorporated is a project by Dr. Som, as part of his Ted Rogers School of Management MBA internship experience, at the Ryerson University, in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Vikaa Inc. is a federally registered, 100% Canadian corporation, based in Toronto, ON, Canada. It was founded in the year 2012. ”Vikaa” is the nick name of “Victoria” – the Roman Goddess of Victory / nick name of “Viktoriya” – a popular name in Europe. Vikaa is pronounced as “V-kaa”, not “Y-kaa”. The logo represents V for victory, and is also symbolic of peace and friendship. VIKAA was originally conceived as an acronym / abbreviation of “VIKtoriya Air Ambulance”. Later, it was decided to name it simply as “Vikaa” – short and sweet. With incorporation, it is called as Vikaa Incorporated, or Vikaa Inc.

The tag line is “Air Ambulance & More!”. The motto is “We Care!”. The vision is “To be one of the best providers of Air Ambulance and other Medical Services”. The mission is “To offer our patients excellent care, and our clients, excellent service.” Vikaa Inc. intends to provide services like Air Ambulance, International transfers of stable, seated patients (commercial flights), International transfers of patients by stretcher (commercial flights), Medical (MD) Escorts, Nurse (RN) Escorts, Ground Ambulance, Medical Tourism, and other Healthcare Solutions, including consulting services.

Vikaa Inc. has very talented team members, called as Team Vikaa. Kind, caring, qualified, empathetic, experienced, and confident are some of the words that can be used to describe the team members. They are good at what they do. They care for the well-being of patients and clients. They are among the best in the world, looking forward to making a difference, through dedication and compassionate care.

Vikaa Inc. hopes to create more jobs in and around the Greater Toronto Area, in addition to the existing ones. Healthcare professionals with license and experience in Greater Toronto Area will be sought after. Some of the requirements will include: MDs (Medical Doctors) with ICU experience, RNs (Registered Nurses) with ICU experience, RTs (Respiratory Therapists), Paramedics (/ EMTs / EMS crew), PSWs (Personal Support Workers), Current BCLS & ACLS certifications, PALS certification & PICU experience for Pediatric cases, and the candidate should have a valid passport, with more than 6 months validity.

Dr. Som states that the goal is to become a valuable member of the community in the Greater Toronto Area, a good corporate citizen, add value to society and contribute to the improvement in the healthcare system of Canada, a country that we love dearly!

Contact info: website: www.vikaa.com | Email: info@vikaa.com | Office: +1416-333-4400 | Toll Free: 1888-288-2883 |


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