Saturday, September 22, 2012

Inspiration to learn Math ===> Appreciate the Utility / Application, not the Labour of it :)

From the link:
(Yeah, I know. I get the points for my blog from the weirdest places :)

Math is very important part of the MBA learning. Math was part of the GMAT we had to take to get into the MBA, in the first place. Here below, are some words of inspiration (quoted from the link above) to learn Math.

"The more advanced things are not more difficult. More advanced things make the less advanced things easier. If you learn algebra, your arithmetic will be faster. Math doesn't make anything more hard, it makes everything more easy. The problem is that people let the funny symbols and letters overwhelm them. People don't see the applications of Math... they just see the labor of it. And that is the failing most students have."

Yes, there are Quants and Poets kind of people, based on the past training. Engineers tend to be better at Math compared to Arts students, or nurses or doctors (like me). But in order to excel during / after the MBA, it is necessary to push oneself to get better at Math, I guess. Just my thought.


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