Saturday, September 1, 2012

Learning from mistakes in a profession - useful read

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Useful read. Check it out. VERY useful for MBA interns :) Yes, we do make mistakes. And we learn from them :) As long as you get better and did not cause major harm, mistakes are business expenses :)
  • Business is business.
  • Separate the delivery from the message. Pay attention to the message rather than your feelings about who is delivering it. Stay calm and just listen.
  • After you have had a chance to "digest" the feedback, ask for an opportunity to ask questions or discuss the situation.
  • When you face rejection or criticism (or even termination) at work try to pause and reflect on why it happened. Above all, resist the urge to make excuses or blame your failings on your manager. Be willing to own 50 per cent of the problem (even if you feel you only own 25 per cent). 
  • "Customer is always right." In this case, the customer is the person who signs your paycheck.
  • If you have an opportunity to offer criticism, make sure it is positive criticism.
  • Resist the urge to go over your boss' head, whine to your co-workers, or run into human resources to complain. Communicate directly with the person you report to.
  • Do not obsess over errors or negative criticism. Distract yourself after work with fun, relaxing activities. 
  • "What can I do better?" is a question that every manager loves to hear. Ask it often, not just at performance review time.
(Do read the whole original article from the link above)

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