Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Self-made" fortunes are made possible by head-starts / leveraging unfair / uncommon advantages in many instances, not hard work alone

There are many stories of people who make it big in the business world. While there are many who started entirely from scratch, and had no godfather at the beginning, many of the people who "made it big" had head-starts, in terms of good education, good networks, by being born in the right postal code or by moving to the right postal code. Success does not happen in a vacuum. Success happens in the environment which breeds and nurtures success, in most instances.

This is the time of American elections, and the "who built it?" debate is very strong, right now. The rich think that they were "born in a log cabin they build themselves", as the saying goes. But no, some one else built that log cabin, and that has to be acknowledged.

Here is an interesting read. Enjoy (no, I am not going to dissect / analyze the article right now. I am a bit busy with school work, bro :)

The article is called as "The self made myth and our hallucinating rich"

There is a ring of truth in the article. From my experience and from my vast research, I can tell you this: richness or greatness does not happen in an instant, unless you are gifted with an abnormally high IQ to be able to analyze, invest and leverage. Everyone works hard. The person who services you burgers and fries or coffee works hard too. But it takes more than simple hard work to strike it rich. Read the article in the link above.


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